Dr. Carla Russo

PhD., ND., MSc., RYT

Dr. Carla Russo, PhD., ND., MSc.,RYT., is a Professor of Integrative & Functional Wellness, a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, holds a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, holds a sub-specialty certification in Human Behavior and is a Registered Yoga Instructor specializing in Therapeutic and Rehabilitative (mindful stretching and strengthening) technique.


For over twenty years, Dr. Carla’s work has focused on sharing both her personal and professional experience addressing the whole being, mind, body and spirit; specializing in the field of quantum transformation and integrative consciousness for healthy lifestyle living, empowering profound personal and professional break-throughs for individuals and organizations throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and United Kingdom (EU). 


As an educator, quantum transformational life coach, weight loss expert, addiction recovery advocate, seminar leader, and keynote speaker rooted in Ayurveda teaching naturopathy and homeopathy, Dr. Carla marries her depth of wisdom and insight with passion, humor, and sensitivity to empower individuals in Bridging The Gap Between Impossible and Attainable ~ living life intentionally design ~ naturally and organically!

Dr. Carla is the founder/owner and CEO of Zen Wellness Academy in Dallas, Texas, an Integrative & Functional Wellness Organization, and podcast host of The Zen Perspective Show with Dr. Carla.

Dr. Carla is also the founder/owner and CEO of Ferrer & Company, Inc., a Texas Corporation offering enhanced wellness by way of science-backed, pharmaceutical grade customized vitamins and evidence-based supplemental nutrition. Dr. Carla is a best-selling author and has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, as well as nationally syndicated radio. Dr. Carla’s clients include A-list celebrities, NFL professional athletes, physicians, chiropractors, nurses, allied-health professionals, lawyers, certified public accountants, teachers, corporate executives, banking, hotel management, pharmaceutical industry, financial analysts,  human resource professionals, non-profit organizations, homemakers, and the toughest job of all, moms!


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Dr. Carla and her husband Joe (worship team drummer), along with their rescued pets Baylor (dog) and Jasmine (cat), are long time residents of Dallas.  Joe and Dr. Carla are very active socially and philanthropically supporting local charitable causes working toward: Suicide prevention, end-stage AIDS care, Domestic Violence, Animal Abuse, Women’s Shelters, Dallas School Arts, and Special Needs Children.

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Most exciting for us to share is that Dr. Carla is the Founder and Director of Mockingbird Community Church’s Wellness and Restoration Ministry ~ bringing to our community her passion for health and wellness physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, intellectually and financially ~ assembling a team of likeminded professionals (servant leaders), to compliment our Collaborative Mission to support and aid all whom come through our door.

So whether you’re interested in learning more about improving your health, needing to lose weight, or are struggling with addiction, or would simply enjoy socializing and adding fitness to your weekly regime, be sure to check out our weekly calendar for class information on the various FREE programs offered by our Wellness and Restoration Ministry!