Pastor Greg Byrd

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Greg Byrd is the Pastor of Mockingbird Community Church (formerly Ridgecrest), rooted, born and raised in the Baptist Church, Pastor Greg’s passion lies in uniting community in a most dynamic way.

A native Texan, from Dallas, Pastor Greg is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and holds a BAS in Business Administration and Christian Ministries, and an MDIVBL. He is currently working towards a D.MIN. at Dallas Theological in Church Revitalization.



When Pastor Greg came to Mockingbird Community, he came with a vision that would revolutionize the church’s day to day operation — serving the community — offering real solutions to the real problems suffered by many.
Mockingbird Community’s sole focus is serving people of every walk and faith just as Jesus served, and we’re excited to say Pastor Greg’s vision has become a movement!
Pastor Greg is noted for his creative communication style. He has a passion for making the complex simple as he speaks truth to people in ways they can understand and apply to their everyday lives.

Pastor Greg is a visionary, provocative thinker who serves as senior pastor of Mockingbird Community, a global humanitarian organization and community-centric church located in Dallas, Texas.

Celebrating 36 years of marriage to his wife Kim, they have six children, James and his wife Kathryn, Elisabeth and her husband Mark Swofford, Lottie, and Emma, and four grandchildren, Landry, Benjamin, Jack and Liam.


As a side note, Pastor Greg (and his wife) were appointed to the International Mission Board and served in Puebla, Mexico as Spiritual Formation Mentor, and as a Strategy Leader in Mexico City until being called to Mockingbird Community (formerly Ridgecrest). 


Pastor Greg brings to Mockingbird Community a passion for making Disciples of Jesus through a very intentional observance of the teachings of Jesus. He brings a vision for loving God, loving people and making disciples. He is passionate about building relationships and community.


In his own words…

With the expansion of technology, I have more work to do now than ever. I am determined to let the world know Jesus is LORD, and I and my team are not slowing down anytime soon!


In as much, I invite you to check out our many offerings ~ regardless of your church home.


In His name, loving God, loving people, making disciples,

Pastor Greg