About the Coach:


During the past 24 years, Brea Mathis spent her professional life working various roles in Corporate America.  As a Software Consultant, Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Business Development Director, every position had a common theme; supporting and helping others. 

In a quest to continue her passion to see others succeed, she decided to obtain a coaching certification from the Institute of Professional Coaching (iPEC) in July 2011.  In addition, she is certified and trained to utilize the Energy Leadership Index assessment; a tool that measures ones energy and how it relates to, interacts with and affects ones being.  Together with her sister, they formed Dailey Coaching & Associates; a small private coaching practice focused on coaching individuals and small businesses.

Creating an environment where clients feel safe, comfortable, energetic and inspired is Brea’s goal as she strongly believes that doing so enhances the client/coach partnership from the onset of the first meeting.  Working together allows the client to set goals, and take action to move in any direction they want to go!

Areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Wellness

  • Business and Employee Development

  • Change Management

  • Personal Growth